From The Pastor

From the Pastor


Every Generation for Christ

Two Sunday’s are left in this church year. We will conclude our great study on the Psalms with Psalm 139 on August 27th. Every Generation for Christ is a wonderful description of our church family. I pray you have caught the vision! From the cradle to the grave, we are a family oriented church – a generational body of believers. Being a generational church means we are intentional about including the whole family and every generation in all we do for Christ. The changes that we will be making in the near future will reflect that goal.


God’s Continued Blessings

We praise the Lord for adding to our church family. We welcome Bobby Reeves and his two sons, Jacob, and Jaden, who came making their public professions of faith. We also welcome Jay and Linda Almquist, and Charles and Tonya Stricker. When the Lord saves folks, and adds to His church family this is a time of rejoicing. If we could get a small glimpse of how the angels rejoice, and how precious each person is to the Lord, we would shout with the angels! To God be the glory! Their names and pictures will be in this e-friend. Please print these out and put them with your pictorial directory and make an opportunity to meet them and introduce yourself.


Executive Pastor in View of Call

Sunday, August 20th, we are excited to have Jeremy Franklin in view of a call to be our Executive Pastor. Jeremy will bring the morning message. Then come meet him and his family at a reception - 5:00 p.m. The church will vote Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.

Jeremy is married to Becky and they have three children, Will, Maggie, and Libby. Jeremy has a BA in Religious Education from Central Baptist College, Conway AR and a Master’s of Divinity from Criswell College of Dallas, Texas. He is presently serving in an Administrative position with Volunteers of America. In the past Jeremy has served as a Student Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Lead Pastor. Jeremy believes his spiritual gift is administration and this is best where he serves our Lord and His church. His qualifications and heart for ministry is what we are looking for in an Executive Pastor. Let’s all pray and seek God’s will in this important decision.


Labor Day Picnic Sunday Sept 3rd

Our annual Labor Day picnic will be Sunday evening, September 3rd at the Texas Baptist Home for Children park at 6:00 p.m. The event will include great food, Aaron leading in a few songs, and testimonies from Lana Brock and Seana Greenwood. Activities include a washer tournament for anyone that would like to participate, games for the children with Sandi, games for the youth with Jimmy, swimming, and games inside for anyone who wants to play. Come enjoy the fun and fellowship!


New Church Year, New Staff and some New Ways

September begins our new church year and along with some new staff we are going to implement some new ways to continue to reach every generation for Christ. Do not fear, our faith, doctrine, and passion for Jesus Christ will never change. I want to share with you two changes I believe will help our church continue as a generational church.

First, we must develop more of what I am calling “Friend Groups.” In every church, there are Bible study classes, ministries, and fellowship groups. That is a great thing, because it is in these groups each person is encouraged, supported, and encouraged to grow closer to Jesus Christ. It is good for every member to be a part of at least one friend group, because it is this group that they know and that cares about them, including checking on them when they are absent. What about those people who are not part of one of our regular groups like a Bible study class or a ministry? These people often fall through the cracks and do not assimilate into our church family. We must make every effort to not let that happen. Therefore, we must become intentional about creating new Friend groups within every part of our church. Beginning in September, we are going to be looking at ways to include everyone, I mean everyone, into a Friend group that encourages one another in Christ. Are you connected with a group within our church family that are your friends? If we are going to be a church where you have a friend, we must be intentional about seeking to make sure everyone is part of a group that is building friendship.

Next, we are going to make a few schedule changes. No one likes schedule changes, but when you are a generational church, you make changes for the good of the whole and not just one family member. That is our intention and so I am asking everyone to put others first and let’s give these changes a try. You all know me well enough that if something does not work, I don’t mind going back, but you don’t know until you try. With that said, Sunday mornings are going to stay the same. Bible study Friend Groups at 9:15 a.m. Blended worship service for the whole family at 10:30 a.m. Sunday evenings are changing. We are going to offer two worship services. A traditional hymns worship service that will be led by Ron Perry and a worship team. This will be in the Worship Center at 6:00 p.m. In the newly renovated Student Worship center we will offer a contemporary service led by Aaron Greenwood. You may attend either service you prefer. After the music, we are going to offer different options. Jimmy is going to lead the Students with a program geared toward them for discipleship and fellowship. Sandi will lead the children in our new program, “Leaders in Training.” Then we are going to offer “Friends for Fellowship” for adults who would like fellowship. There will also be a Sunday evening message available as well. Let’s try this and it will need to be adjusted as we go along, but I believe this can really meet a great need in the lives of many who are seeking to grow closer to Christ and His church.

Then on Wednesday we are going make changes as well. We are going to move our Prayer meeting with music by On Bended Knee to Tuesday evenings. This service will start at 6:30 p.m. and will be country Christian music led by Dale Miller and the band, On Bended Knee. 

Wednesday evening is going to mainly be about practice for our Worship leaders. The adult choir, children’s choir, youth expressions, praise band and praise teams will all rehearse and prepare for our worship. We are going to be very intentional about including every generation in our worship services. You will see children, youth and adults involved and leading our worship services, both Sunday mornings and evenings. We are intentional about seeing every generation coming to Christ, worshiping Christ, and serving Christ.

 These are the changes we are going to start in September. We have our Labor Day Picnic in the evening on September 3rd, our dedication of the Student Center on the 10th, so on the 17th will begin our first traditional and contemporary services. The prayer meeting service will move to Tuesdays beginning September 12th

There are a lot of exciting blessings happening at Farley Street and our purpose and mission remains the same, to see every member come to a Supreme Friendship with Jesus Christ, His family and to befriend the unchurched for the glory of God.

Sunday Evening the Five Purposes of the Church

This Sunday evening, after we vote on our Executive pastor, Jimmy is going to teach us about the five purposes of the church; Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Ministry, and Fellowship. As a church family, we can exalt Christ and fulfill these purposes together.

Coming Soon: that your JOY may be FULL

Beginning the first Sunday in September we will begin our new sermon series in I John. In v. 4 of chapter 1, John says he is writing this letter to the church so “that your JOY may be Full.” The small letter of I John is a great book filled with much needed truth for today. As we study this book, our JOY in Christ is going to grow and become FULL. I can’t wait and I want to encourage you to begin reading this letter and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with JOY.

Student Worship Center Dedication September 10th 6:00 p.m.

Mark your calendar and come join us for the Student Worship center dedication service on Sunday evening, September 10th. We want to take some time to give thanks to the Lord for His provision and give everyone an opportunity to see the room.


I love you and I am glad to be your pastor and friend,

Bro. Richard