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Every Generation for Christ

Jun 18, 2017 | Richard Smith

Every Generation Needs God Fearing Men

  • Christian Man is a God-fearing man.  v. 1 and 4. 
  • A God-fearing Man walks in Obedience in the Lord’s Way v. 1b
  • A God-fearing Man is a man who works hard as unto the Lord. v. 2a
  • A God-fearing Man is a man who is content in the Lord v. 2b
  • A God fearing man loves his wife so she desires to be the heart of his home v. 3
  • A God fearing Man sees his children as future God-fearing Olive Trees. V. 3c
  • A God fearing man will enjoy his grandchildren and be a blessing to the nation v. 5-6

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Everyone loves the Psalms. They speak both to the heart and mind. The Psalms cover every doctrine and reveal God’s wonderful plan for us. Join me in reading and studying this wonderful book of the Bible.