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The purpose of Sunday School/Life Groups is to help people grow in their friendship with Jesus (discipleship) so that they LEARN the Word of God, LOVE the Word of God, and LIVE out the Word of God by caring for one another.

This purpose is fulfilled as adults attend SS/Life Groups (Sundays at 9:15 am) to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and go prepared to live it out. Life Group members are challenged to live out the 555 Discipleship Model.

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Most of our groups have general age descriptions, but some are gender-based. Descriptions are merely guidelines. Feel free to try out any group!

YOUNG ADULTS | Neil & Sara Clements

College group is led by Tom and Carolina Dodgen in Room 2411.

Young Adult Gathering is led by Tim Day in the Gym.

MIDDLE ADULTS | Jeff & Loretta Foster

Open Door group is led by Jeremy Franklin in Room 2413a.

Pathfinders group is led by Jim Owens in Room 2413b.

SENIOR ADULTS (SAMs) | Steve & Jana Smith

Primetimers group is led by Billy Walker in Room 2402.

Friendship group is led by Ron Craddock in Room 2401.

Sonshine group is led by Joel Brown in Room 1207.

Esther group is a senior ladies class led by Diane Pope in Room 1209.


Ruth group is led by Carolyn Stroud in Room 2403.

Joy group is led by Sally Dudley in Room 2410.

Men of Encouragement group is led by Rodney Caldwell in Room 2409.

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February 19, 2020

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