Mission and Values

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We are the church where you have a friend.

Friendship is the heartbeat of our church, a COMMUNITY of friends COMMITTED to Jesus Christ.


We exist to bring people into a supreme friendship with Jesus Christ, His family, and to befriend the unchurched for the glory of God.

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Committed. Community

We believe we will fulfill our vision and mission as we practice COMMUNITY in weekly SS/Life Groups and become more COMMITTED as a 5>5>5 Disciple.

555 is our Friend Code for someone who practices:

  • at least 5 Minutes of Daily Bible Reading,
  • prays the 5 Points of the Lord’s Prayer, and
  • has 5 People in their circle (i.e. their Friend Group).

Out of this practice of COMMITTED COMMUNITY flows our Connection with God (worship), Care for others (service), and sharing Christ (mission).

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Life Groups
We have classes and groups for children and adults of all ages!
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